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'HEALING' (2016) Pearlescent Opal AP | by: Jermaine Rogers

‘I was a teenager back in 1986, and was just about over video games in general…and then Zelda happened. It kind of blew me away. Electronic D&D! Hidden caves, lost treasure, mystical relics!
Years of further anti-social behavior were guaranteed… To commemorate this amazing milestone, I’m releasing an art print called ‘Healing’. It pictures the game’s hero, Link…and he’s not doing so well. He’s at a pretty low point, but he’s found a ‘fairy fountain’…and invigorating healing is only moments away. Very literally speaking, ‘Link’ is you and me…’player one’. There is a parallel in ‘real world’ land: in these lives of ours, we get ‘hurt’ over and over again. Sometimes we get hurt in the same situations, same wounds, and same sore spots, repeatedly. we never learn. But if we can find them, ‘fairy pools’ are out there…scattered across the terrain of our lives and hidden in the most unlikely places.
You’ve got to keep your eyes open…and when you find them, you’ve got to remember where they are. When you know where your healing is, you can live fearlessly everywhere else.’ -JR

  • Approximately 17 x 22 inches

  • Signed AP (Artist Proof) by the artist

  • Printed on Stardream Pearlescent Opal stock

Originally released at - Printed & distributed by: Lady Lazarus - Houston, TX - USA. Price includes free domestic shipping within the United States, all orders shipped fully insured.

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