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'TIKIS N' MERMAIDS' (2020) | by: *DEREK

A heapin' full of 'Double Trouble' by your pal *DEREK. These limited edition serigraphs contain the art that lives on the wall of the 3622 Main building in Houston outside of Sig's Lagoon Record Shop.

**NOTE: All proceeds from this print sale will benefit six unique Houston, Texas small business' throughout a difficult period of economic strain brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic:

Each print is being sold as a limited edition, 5 color serigraph printed on French uncoated heavy coverstock. The 'TIKIS N' MERMAIDS' full sized print is approximately 24x10 inches, hand numbered out of 70, embossed, and includes a printed signature.

Individual mini prints are sized at approximately 5x10", hand numbered, and include a printed signature.

Artwork created by: *DEREK. Printed & distributed by: Lady Lazarus - Houston, TX - USA.