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'UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE' (KEYLINE - 2020) | by: Justin Hampton

In celebration of the legacy of Kurt Cobain we'd like to present the keyline edition print of 'Underneath the Bridge'

Originally commissioned by the Experience Music Project (or EMP- now named MoPop) in Seattle for their 2011 exhibit called 'Nirvana, Taking Punk to the Masses'. This print is Justin Hampton's personal interpretation of the song 'Something in the Way' from the ground breaking album 'Nevermind'.

From the artist:

'I love the way the original 8 color version of the art print turned out but there's something truly special in just seeing the bare art unobstructed by any additional colors. There's a lot going on in this particular piece and it's nice to see it as it was originally hand illustrated in pen, ink and brush.' -JH

  • Approximate print size: 18 x 24 inches

  • Single layer serigraph on Cranes archival cotton rag with hand torn edges

  • Each copy comes with a hand rendered remarque (sketch) in pencil with a theme from the lyrics.

  • Signed, numbered & embossed limited edition of only 50

Artwork by: Justin HamptonPrinted & distributed by: Lady Lazarus - Houston, TX